Joomla 2.5 end-user series

6. How to edit an existing article in Joomla

For this tutorial we will login as a user with Editor access

1) Scroll down and to the left to login through the Login Form

Scroll down to view the front page articles

After logging in as an Editor, you will notice that articles display an edit or locked icon to show an article that either can be accessed for editing or is currently locked by another user

If an article is locked, it means it is currently in use by another user and unavailable for editing

2) Let’s click on this edit icon to be able to edit the Joomla article

3) Scroll down to access the fields for this article. Next click the Title field so we can edit it

4) Now scroll down to access the additional fields for the current article. Make any changes as required

5) After completing all edits, scroll up and click the Save button

Now you know how to edit an existing article in Joomla

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